Midea Gas Cooker + Oven

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This Midea 5 gas burner n g as oven premium gas cooker is designed with special care and is safe to use. It comes equipped with a flame-failure device on each burner. This device blocks the burner gas flow in case of the accidental extinguishing of the flame, thereby helping in avoiding serious injuries or gas leaks.A Highly Versatile Cooking ApplianceA Highly Versatile Cooking ApplianceThis Midea gas cooker features a triple crown SABAF burner that allows you to switch between high, medium, and low heat conveniently. This makes the gas cooker a highly versatile option for cooking a wide range of dishes. Moreover, it has cast iron pan support that gives your pots and pans more stability while cooking.

  • Weight:0.3 Kg
  • Dimensions:20x10x30 Cm
  • Material:Plastic
  • Manufacture:G&D
  • Guarantee:2 Years

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    Review by Bradley Grosh on 26/3/2014

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    Review by Alan Smith on 4/3/2014

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