About Us

SmartMonie is your local e-commerce cooperative business developed with personal finance tools that enable thousands of people to grow by way of Smart Saving, Buying, Selling, Healthy Borrowing and Investing.

Vision / Mission Statement

To become the consumer centric and local e-commerce organization, sponsored by Members across several regions of the world, while bracing up to the challenges of growth and scale.


  • Identify The Problems
  • Find The Solutions
  • Package The Solutions In Pretty Consumable Capsules

We develop useful solutions to avail users of the opportunities to save regularly in our ever-changing society where credit systems of payment are fast becoming the new normal. This is call-to-action for us as we work and aim to continuously negate the forces of indebtedness by selling products and ideas in line with our corporate narrative.

We socially promote the ideas of financial growth and freedom, which requires our members to easily normalize regular savings in a bid to achieve exponential growth of funds. This offers persons the opportunity to put away regular portions of cashflow in secure interest yielding accounts. To this effort, we promote educational / creative blogging and gaming activities, mainly tailored along story lines that users find enriching.

To serve you better, we seek to solve the problems that will thrust us into limelight.

Welcome Aboard!